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Latest ArtsLink Newsletter

The latest ArtsLink Newsletter (Issue 3) visits Maastricht with a link to an Andre Rieu concert item, explores a little of the fascinating city of Maastricht before heading to the Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam, thinking a little about Anne Frank and letting readers know about a new book from Nene Davies. Redhanded should be available soon.

Find the Newsletter here – http://eepurl.com/b_o3_b


Online course creation

For a long time I’ve thought of developing an online course but felt my lack of computer skills made it impossible. Now, I realise I can do it – with help from the Easy Course Creation material put together by Joseph Michael.

Yes! Joseph Michael, the Scrivener Coach.

I’ve looked at Joseph’s preliminary blogs and Facebook posts and followed through on the suggestions so far and now I’m optimistic. I’m already brimming with ideas how to design the course for online presentation. And I will be able to publish it.

You can do it too!

Take a look at these links and gain YOUR own confidence:

Discover the tools to help

These are the tools that made me realise it can be done. Thinkific is my favourite from this collection.                                               https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/freereport/lauriegilbert/


And that’s not all – have a look at the bundle:


Get the bundle here:        https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/coursecreationbundle/lauriegilbert/

And a FREE 3-Part Video Series

FREE 3-Part Video Series  –  Revealing the Exact Roadmap, Mindset, & Strategy for going from “no idea” to earning 5-figures a month (and beyond)…in as little as 12 weeks.

The first video is available now – https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/eccvideo/lauriegilbert/

More ahead in coming days – stay tuned.



Easy Course Creation – by Creator and Founder, Joseph Michael

Joseph Michael can help you to design, produce and profit from an online education course.

If you don’t know about Joseph Michael, you should find out. I’ll tell you the bare bones in a moment.

Easy Course Creation – FREE Course Creation Bundle

Right now I want to let you know about Joseph’s latest venture – Easy Course Creation, designed to help you to identify and translate your idea(s) and the skills you already have into a successful online education course.

Find out how to overcome the natural reservations we all have by sending for Joseph’s FREE Course Creation Bundle to help you on your way to produce a profitable online education course.

Do it now! It is only available for a limited time. Click the link. https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/coursecreationbundle/lauriegilbert/


Course Creation Bundle

Course Creation Bundle


About Joseph Michael

Joseph Michael is the Scrivener Coach, the man who developed the wildly successful program – Learn Scrivener Fast – that helps writers to use the powerful Scrivener writing software effectively, efficiently and quickly. He developed his coaching flair from teaching over 17,000 students. I undertook Learn Scrivener Fast recently and testify to the clever design, clarity and practicality of the course. Joseph demonstrates how versatile it is for:

– fiction

– non-fiction

course development

–  blogs and other projects.

Find out more in a webinar – Thursday, August 25

Find out more about Easy Course Creation by enrolling in a webinar – ‘The  Digital Nuts & Bolts of Creating a Course That Sells (While You Sleep)’ here. https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/augwebinar/lauriegilbert/

Make it real. Discover how to have a successful online education course that can change lives for the better.


You can get Joseph’s free Course Creation Bundle here – right now https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/coursecreationbundle/lauriegilbert/

And enrol in the free webinar ‘The Digital Nuts & Bolts of Creating a Course That Sells (While You Sleep)’ here. https://kb226.isrefer.com/go/augwebinar/lauriegilbert/

What you experience on this webinar will be different to most other trainings that only teach you “what to do”. During this workshop, you’ll actually learn “how” to make Scrivener work for your unique writing style.

Joseph will also be answering all your questions LIVE

Don’t delay.

ArtsLink Newsletter

The ArtsLink Newsletter is for readers, writers, and others interested in the arts who might like to follow the random harvests I reap from many a fascinating blog and other sources.

  • ArtsLink Newsletter Issue 2 – content
    One of my brothers regularly alerts family members to Internet links for video or photographic treats.
    I always enjoy them and several have contributed ideas that have found a place in my novels. His recent pick of a National Geographic YouTube video titled How wolves change rivers set me on an unexpected trail:
    # a spectacular conservation story
    # a reminder of an enjoyable novel
    # a nostalgic trip to ferret out a sixty-year-old travel journal
    # a surprising Book Club choice
    # a Disney movie
    # and more.
  • Access the ArtsLink Newsletter, Issue 2 at http://eepurl.com/b6sGr1
    Do sign up by using the ‘subscribe’ button on the top left of the Newsletter page if you’d like to receive future issues. I’d love to meet you there.
  • Wolves


ArtsLink Newsletter

You can find the first issue of the newsletter at http://bit.ly/28IYPhW

If you like the idea of the newsletter, visit Winfreda Donald’s blog at http://bit.ly/28Iru6p and sign up for future issues.


Some of Pat's books

Some of Pat’s books

Crime stories
If you like crime stories – and enjoy a sense of place – Pat Noad’s series of books about amateur sleuth Annie Bryce are for you. Where better to unravel a crime than in the vast and amazing state of Queensland?
Find out more about Pat’s stories by visiting her website
and about Pat by visiting her blog.

Enjoy the photographs on the site as well.

New blog on the block

Sara Delaval, new blogger

Sara Delaval, new blogger










There’s a new blog on the block. My mouth is watering already – looking forward to a new recipe book to be compiled by Sara Delaval. And I just love the banner on the blog home page and the photo of a delectable pear dish on the Writing Page. Go to wordsentencestories.wordpress.com to find out all about the blog and Sara’s plans.


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