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Valentine’s Day short story

The wave

The Wave

A wave of emotion engulfed Emily, overwhelming, paralysing. She paused, motionless on the shore, the ocean ebbing and flowing around her; oblivious of all but a compulsion to honour a precious chapter in her life, a time of belonging and peace. 

The soft, pure note of then hung in the void, its timbre and frequency quivering into recall. A distant past homing through a fissure in the ether, fusing a precious moment from long ago with a moment now. Whither has this memory come?

This ‘now’ memory calling up union with a moment on another strand, that other time; the same single note from a guitar string, sudden mutual awareness, a halt to the thread of sounds. Blue eyes communing with grey eyes, the making of a forever pledge. 

The forever pledge endured for Emily, through years of doubt and heartache when Lewis’s six-month overseas work absence became mysteriously silent and permanent. Unaware that letters both ways had been diverted and destroyed by an unkind landlady she’d concealed her pain.      

Emily unleashed a softly whispered ‘I love you’ through the swirling pink, gold and white dawn light. The words rippled further, out through the seething energy of the endless universal field. Still Emily stood, waves lapping unnoticed. The message, unspoken for so many years, now unfettered on a nowhere flight. 

And then!!  Into a transparent white space of mind slipped, ‘I love you still.’  Emily was drooping, ‘It came back.’ Then the significance of ‘still’ enwrapped her in remembered warmth, it was not her echo. She threw her arms up to the sky with joy.

How had this wonderful thing happened today?  Suddenly she knew. It was Valentine’s day in this year of 2012.  It had been Valentine’s Day long ago. 


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