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Day 7 (23 February 2012)

Decided to tackle Part Two today to let the struggles with the Part One early chapters filter in the subconscious for a day or two before reviewing changes. It’s a useful focus while the alterations to Part One are fresh in mind as several scenes early in Part Two are affected by work over last couple of days.

I am enjoying revisiting the Isle of Mull in memory even though protagonist Freya’s time there is filled with sadness after learning that her hopes of a future with Alexander have been dashed. She has no knowledge of the malicious interventions in her life that led to this, as she prepares to move to Aberdeen for midwifery training.

Around the same time, Alexander makes a surprise visit to Glasgow, to be met by the news that Freya has gone away, but is unable to find out where. He takes on a temporary teaching position but is unsure whether to return to Australia or not.

Day 6 (22 February 2012)

Still working on decisions from 20 February. Beginning to shape up. Structural question emerging – will I keep incidents as scenes in one long chapter OR as a series of short chapters? Open mind meantime.

Need to consider feedback from a reader of the draft – suggests more detail needed in parts to balance the emphasis on emotional impact. The story is so long already – I’m thinking seriously on this. She is right of course, I’ve chosen one approach, based on my preference for some limitation on details because I often skip long sections of detail when reading because I want to get to the main story. BUT there is a middle way and that is where I need to go. Any need for expansion probably lends support to the notion of more than one book, maybe even to the notion of a serialisation approach.

Made enough progress today to decide that several chapters needed (not one long one) to cover the incidents included. Struggling to make the changes fit.


Day 5 (21 February 2012)

Good working day. Much progress as identified yesterday; more complicated to change than expected. Not sure it is for the better. Have now identified another back story item to include linearly rather than as flashback.

Foundations for the Dunbar family interactions are laid. Will they lead to future choices or unintended consequences to the detriment of any of them? The protagonist, Freya is in danger of being trapped by love and care for her family and a sense of responsibility. She has a premonition that an apparently innocuous arrangement could turn out badly. There seems no way to retrieve the situation.

Freya and her special friend Alexander end up in different hemispheres; she is in Scotland while he remains in Queensland. Unhappy about the separation they make the best of things and keep in touch as much as they can.


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