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Rest for the eyes

Day 9 (1 March 2012)

Hot outside – hoping for a quiet day in library. Progress yesterday was in spite of many interruptions – a children’s story session (very loud), an IT class (instructor voice very intrusive), a woman conducting business phone calls at my ear, a community organisation meeting (constant voices and phone calls – urgency because of looming election I think).

Managed with effort to get above the first three and work productively, but packed up for home after an hour of the meeting – capacity to rise above it all was exhausted by morning efforts. Hopefully this will not be the pattern until the election is over on 24th – probably why all the meeting rooms were in use. Not sure why people think it is OK to talk continuously in a library and be unaware of other people’s rights. At least two other people trying to work quietly were discommoded.

Editing focus on Part One again – hoping to get past early chapters and to make changes needed to take account of new structure. Goal to get Part One editing finished by 15 March – earlier would be good. Worked through three segments where flashbacks were rewritten in present time. Deleted original texts. Took longer than anticipated. Maybe 15 March is too ambitious, but won’t change that date meantime.

I am fortunate to have trees to look at when inspiration fails, and the comfort of library shelves behind me.

Comfort of knowledge


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