on the writing & reading trail

Dull days aplenty

Day 16 (March 8, 2012)

Plan for the day:  Work on text and flow editing for early Part One chapters. Think about working titles for second and third books.

Editing: Thinking was  sluggish today. Minimal progress. Got stuck with a short new scene needed for transition because of structural changes already made.

Gave up on that and moved on to ideas for second book title. Came up with Parallel lives as provisional name. While not at all original, it fits on several levels. Will do meantime. Did not get to ideas for third book.

Trialled short synopsis for first and second books. Large part of first book Always . . . ? is set in Glasgow. Both synopses need more work, but will suffice as guideposts meantime.

Left the library early for a family commitment. Hoping for a light head tomorrow.


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