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Edit diary (9-12 March)

Days 17 – 20 (March 9-12, 2012)

March 12: Out of phase again – accompanied family member to early medical appointment, followed by a short time in the library for editing. I managed to complete a draft synopsis for Book Three. No success with a title, although I came up with many brainstormed possibilities. Not one is just right. I’ll be out of routine tomorrow as well for same reason as today. Hopefully there can be a return to momentum after that. I had a bit of fun scanning some of the time two of the main characters spent in Kruger National Park near the end of the whole saga. Can’t wait to get to the editing there – some glaring faults stood out. 

March 11: Bitty day without opportunity to get to manuscript. Some time with social networking. Followed a few new people on Twitter – interesting links for writers. Had a quick look at book cover providers even though not nearly ready for that yet.

March 10: No editing. Attended website building workshop in case I decide to

English: Elephant crossing the road in Kruger ...

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do that soon. Interesting and helpful. Played with site ideas later in day.

March 9: Minor editing in am – started synopsis for Book 3 – still no title. Face-to-face networking over lunch and finding out about a local writers network group. Discussed progress on our novels.


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