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Days 24-25 (March 16 – 17))

March 17: Decided to have a lazy writing day and catch up on a few household tasks instead. Hot, humid, wet day. This is the real St Patrick’s Day but the official one was celebrated in Brisbane last weekend. Must have been a reason but I’m not sure what it was.

I am hating our ugly election campaign. Gets lower by the day.

March 16: Probably a short edit day if the weather holds – hoping to fit in the weekly long walk – transferring it from weekend to a weekday to avoid the glut of cyclists whizzing uncomfortably by. Rain forecast, so we’ll see.

Made good progress. Stayed with later chapters in Part One as I’m still finding some of the early chapter changes daunting. Much clearer, so far fewer needs for change, mostly adding action detail and shortening sentences and paragraphs. Freya is fully involved in nurse training in Glasgow. It is the early 1980s and in a letter to Alexander her excitement about developments in nuclear medicine is clear. In Brisbane he is coping with science and maths degree studies and flight training. Busyness helps them cope with the separation.

Copious letter writer

Managed the walk – the rain held off, but it was hot and enervating – stopped after 75 minutes instead of our usual 90 minutes.

Reflections from the bridge


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