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Edit diary (March 21)

Day 29 (March 21)

No editing on the page today, although some thinking happened as I rode to and from Brisbane on the bus, and walked around the city before meeting my two sisters for a long lunch and catch-up time. A most enjoyable occasion. Apart from family chat we talked a lot about books we’ve read or are reading and about movies and TV programs and the weekend State election coming up. Even though each of our lives are, and have been very different, we share so much common ground.

I left home a bit early and walked a fair bit first. The Wednesday fresh produce and food market in Brisbane Square is always inviting – such an array of wondrous things and a great atmosphere among the stallholders. But how my heart clenched when I saw the poster at the bridge entrance showing the children of Africa. Such a vast gulf between the haves and have-nots. If only . . .

Entrance to produce and food market, Brisbane

There’s a fair bit of work to go before my editing task moves to a large segment of the story when Freya arrives in Africa to become part of a therapeutic feeding program. That time was the late 1990s when South Sudan was in the grip of a desperate famine. Freya was challenged in many ways during her mission. I was reminded of it and know changes are needed, but will delay more thoughts of that for now.

Tonight I intend relaxing and checking out the photographs I took today.

Queens Street Mall


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