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Edit diary (28 March)

Day 36 (March 28)

Short editing day as I had to leave the library early for an eye test for renewing driving licence and was talked into having an all-in-one tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria booster. The diphtheria feels like an odd inclusion for an older person, but it’s done. Did not accept the flu vaccine as the only time I had it in recent years was the only time I had a dose. Hoping my immune system is up to the mark this year. Apparently flu is already on the go locally.

The morning was good for editing. I made good progress with changes in what turned out to be an awkwardly written chapter when Freya’s good friend is leaving Glasgow for her marriage in Mallaig and life in Aberdeen where she will continue her nurse training. Freya will miss her. Then I was surprised to find a long backstory segment that I thought had already been moved elsewhere and rewritten in an active way. Memory is not always reliable. Or maybe I’ll find the rewrite somewhere.

In other chapters the Dunbars are settling in Brisbane where Jacob is building again.

Centre of the city

I sometimes dream about doing, only to find it was just a dream. There are a few compelling dreams in the story; pretty much in line with personal experience in real life. Also, some of my characters have seeded themselves in dreams. At least I never run out of ideas.


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