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Edit diary (March 29)

Day 37 (March 29)

Nothing went according to plan today, but I’m happy with the results. I started out thinking I would finish editing on the last twenty pages of Part One. On the third page I decided to check how I’d represented something in the short synopsis for Book One, and ended up doing a total rewrite. For no good reason I can recall, I moved on to do the same with the synopsis for Book Two. In that process I needed to look at consistency with an item in Part Four (the end of Book Two).

Now this is the good part. I started to read the last two chapters and got so carried away I couldn’t stop. It’s been a while since I looked at them and I enjoyed the read, and made a few minor changes. A little more work is needed but not much. A very pleasant surprise.

Freya and Australian Aboriginal doctor, Mani Strachan, arrived in Amsterdam exhausted after the medical evacuation of Dora, an aid colleague from Africa. Their missions were cut short by several days for this journey, and both were heading to Scotland on furlough after debrief with the aid head office. As so often in aid work, a strong friendship was cemented because of the trust that developed from seeing colleagues work effectively under duress in a team context.

Colourful foot gear

Their stay was enhanced by the gratitude of Dora’s family and fiancé who provided them with temporary accommodation and a surprise invitation to the wedding to take place when Dora recovered sufficiently.

Windmills everywhere

Central Amsterdam


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