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Edit diary (4 April)

Days 38-43 (March 30 – April 4)

Today, 4th April, progress was good. Work on three short chapters brought essential changes to a number of parts that jumped out of the page and thankfully improved with minor attention. A few other areas need more thought; they are marked for attention tomorrow.

Freya is disturbed at hearing of her sister’s sexual and drug using behaviour and sounds a warning. But Ness believes she has everything under control; she just wants to have fun while she’s young and doesn’t want to be serious like her older sister.

I’ve set a provisional deadline for completion of the editing of both Parts One and Two of Book One. Could be ambitious. Time will tell.

On the bus home I dipped into a requested book that turned up in the library today: Bullies, bastards and bitches: How to write the bad guys of fiction, by Jessica Page Morrell. First look suggests it will help me to sharpen up one of my characters.

At the end of the day I’m feeling almost 100% back to good health.

All about the bad guys

Sadly I missed my end-of-March deadline for completion of Part One of Book One. It’s been an uncomfortable few days with little progress to report. Last Friday (30th) was our Writer’s Group meeting. It was a very successful morning, with constructive feedback to the four members who submitted writing.

One will submit a full manuscript to a publisher next week. Our best wishes for Linda’s success. And we had a mini-celebration for the four of us with birthdays in the next few weeks. Thanks to Carole for hosting us as the library will be closed on our usual meeting day because of Easter.

Later that day I succumbed to the side effects of Thursday’s decision to accept vaccination with a migraine to end all migraines for three days, elevated temperature (now normal), red-hot arm (still pink), aching joints and muscles (improving), nausea (hanging around). And all I really needed was a medical certificate confirming that my general health and eyes were good enough for renewal of driving licence!


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