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Day 47 (April 13)

Saga editing: Feeling quite elated today. Made a lot of progress this morning. Moved three chapters from existing Part Two to Part One. I can remember the logic of the earlier decision but new arrangement makes more sense with structural changes. Now Freya and Alexander’s time of expectations is separated clearly from the time of adjustment to new circumstances.

The die is cast for three books now. Book One ends where Freya has committed to a new and different life from the one she envisaged, and a return to Australia, hoping to combine career and family life. I need to find a new working title – brainstorming has not delivered an acceptable alternative yet.

Today I mapped out ideas to make the ending of Book One and the beginning of Book Two stronger, especially the beginning of Book Two as the underpinnings need to be incorporated so that it can stand alone. Similar work will be needed for the end / beginning, for Book Two / Book Three.

Next week it will be full steam ahead, aiming to meet the deadline (end April) for completing editing of Book One, to be ready for a final sweep and sending out for reader opinions (end May).

Love my books

It will be a weekend for reading more than anything else with two books to finish, one to scan, and twitter samplers galore to explore.



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