on the writing & reading trail

Days 48-49 (April 14-15)

Editing amounted to a languid approach to the beginning of Part Two of the family saga. Worked on four chapters and made superficial changes to slack sentences, restructured a few paragraphs, compacted a short chapter, deleted parts of it, then included the revision within an earlier chapter. All will need a good going over again. Unbeknown to each other, Freya is training as a midwife in Aberdeen while Alexander is living in Glasgow and teaching in a private school on the city outskirts. Both are struggling to recover from the mysterious changes to their expectations.

The reading I had in mind for the weekend did not happen. Instead I was captured by a book recommended by one of my sisters. I’d set it aside because of the small print, but once started, cannot put it out of mind. It is Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. I am entranced by its difference. Usually long stretches of detail and description do not entice, but this author’s touch is so light with delicious and unexpected diversions I don’t want to skip at all. Such a cast of characters, so distinctive I haven’t lost touch with one of them yet. If only I could get a large print edition I’d be in heaven, and wouldn’t need to ration it out because of tired eyes.

I’ve immediately put other Patchett books on library request, ready to be beguiled again.


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