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Day 50 (April 16)

Saga editing: Another fruitful day, according to intention to focus first on progress in Part Two, I worked to the end of Chapter Nine, making similar changes as with weekend work – moving chapters, paragraphs and sentences around and tightening them. Have slight discomfort that the entry of a new character may seem abrupt – may change the beginning of that chapter.

Freya is working in Glasgow again and attends a hospital class reunion with her friend Kirsty from Aberdeen. She accepts a new work challenge and has a well-earned holiday on Menorca. Alexander catches up with his sister who has been backpacking in Europe, and makes a new Australian friend who will play a significant part in his future.

Around lunchtime I tackled that troublesome Part One chapter (now Chapter Seven), that sets the scene for upheaval for Freya. Deleted sizeable chunks and made other alterations to match. Next sweep should get it right.

Anthology:  Tabulated the stories by Writer’s Group members that I think are agreed for inclusion, wrote my bio, drafted an introduction, and collated copies of the stories I have on file (not complete). Will send to all by email for feedback and supply of outstanding stories. We need to manage the next part of the process online as several members will be absent from the next meeting. We have agreed a photograph for the cover, kindly supplied by the friend of one member.

Next steps need us to supply individual photographs, and enlist the kind offer of help from one of the husbands to undertake the prescribed formatting.

Short stories: Working on two at the moment – neither is gelling (is that grammatically correct?). First deadline is 15 May.


Reading: Continuing with Bel Canto. Still entranced.


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