on the writing & reading trail

Day 10 (May 24)

The day was shared between editing and anthology preparations and the inevitable reading.

Editing: Continues to be problematic. The timing changes required are turning out to be significant, spanning as they do important family times such as Christmas and New Year amidst a time of personal turmoil for Freya as she grapples with difficult choices about the future. How does she maintain private and public composure without compromising loyalty? Managed to flag where important text changes are needed and where Book One background is required. Will let my thinking incubate over following days. Probably won’t get to make those changes till next week.

Anthology: Decisions are needed for tomorrow’s meeting of the Writer’s Group. There is still much for me to learn about Smashwords formatting, but I made some progress. It is handover time for final vetting of content by all authors, then the format effort by our willing volunteer, before we are ready for the big step to submission. Adding photos was fun and partly successful – photos in, but unable to manipulate for consistent sizing from a number of different sources.

Reading: Started another Ann Patchett novel entitled Taft. Captivated already – so different from the others I’ve read. If only the print wasn’t so small.

Also a fair bit of extra family stuff – locally driving around, and interstate and international phone calls.


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