on the writing & reading trail

Day 17 (May 31)

Editing dropped off the program for today. I was focusing on the short story which took longer to complete than hoped. It turned out better than expected but would have benefited from a bit more cooking and another look, but I entered it anyway into a local competition with minutes to spare before close of business. Not to be recommended.

Tonight I caught up with finishing critiques of two chapters from group members for discussion at tomorrow’s meeting. One from a completed novel about a family’s experience of migration and the pain of leaving others behind contrasted with the highs and lows of fitting into a new environment. The other was from a work in progress that is exploring the impact of the unseen worlds of light and dark on the lives of everyday people.

I really enjoy critiquing but find looking at a chapter at a time at monthly intervals a bit dislocating. Some of us exchange larger chunks or even the whole work which is more satisfying through gaining a sense of continuity. And it is rewarding to see the end product gain clarity and strength with successive drafts.


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