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Edit diary – good progress

Day 65 (May 1)

Yesterday rolled in a new week. Today it is a new month. Here in south-east Queensland we are cooling towards our winter – it will be milder than many around the world.

Editing:  A quick scroll through both parts of Book One picked up all the highlighted areas that still need attention. Most are minor – like checking a date, or naming a street. They won’t take long. I’m getting through the more substantial changes needed in ten chapters of Part One and four chapters of Part Two. As only two of those are problematic, 5th May still seems possible for completion. Fingers crossed.

Critiquing: Worked on a chapter for one Writer’s Group member for Friday’s meeting. Like me, her work improves with each revision.

Reading: I’m tiring of the Collins novel and am tempted to go to the last chapter to find out if the ending turns out as I expect. Will see how it grabs me tonight before I decide.


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