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Day 22 (June 5)

Mixed and laborious editing day today, continuing the work on Present hope. As I was expanding a scene that was a bit thin on detail I realised one of the references to an incident in Book One (Past imperfect) would now seem quite cryptic, removed as it would be in time for those who had read the first book, but much more so for a reader just entering the series. So, I spent quite a long time working out a credible summary without recreating the whole. I hope it will work as it underlines Freya’s character traits of integrity and loyalty even when it is hard.

No doubt this type of pitfall will need attention more times as I progress through the separated manuscript.

Short story: Laboured over that as well. Have decided that it is difficult to write to someone else’s topic, especially when it is overlaid by some other expectation; in this case to be amusing. I think I’ll stay with open topics in future. Reminds me a bit of the burden of writing speeches or speech notes to order, that had to fit the political emphasis of the moment even when one’s heart was not in it, due to having a yen for another viewpoint altogether. Pleased I don’t have to do that anymore. Ain’t retirement grand?

Good for working

Library was very quiet today. Very conducive to concentrated work.


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