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Day 44 (June 27)

Editing:  A good productive day with editing. Moving on and thinking I might try focusing on both Parts One and Two of Present Tense (I’m trialling the new title – maybe it feels OK) to see if that will work. The parts are very different with few overlapping interests so it may be practical. I’m itching to get to some of the African content and I currently have several library books out that will be helpful to check previous research and to be mentally and emotionally in the right place.

Reading:  I finished Past the shallows. I was disappointed that I still could not relate to the human characters although there were a couple of wonderful sea episodes. Maybe my problem is that I worked many years ago with abused and desperate children in a Glasgow Children’s Home and Parrett’s characters didn’t resonate in a recognisable way. Who knows why? It’s all complex and personal as to what attracts or not.

I’m starting on a new family drama series, unfortunately tapping into Book Three, titled Found, by Karen Kingsbury. Chosen because it is large-print, I look forward to a comfort read of this designated best-seller – apparently over three million of this author’s books in circulation. I’m disappointed I couldn’t find the first of the series on the shelves. Today I returned four books, only started but left, because the print is too small for comfort. Sad. I really wanted to read each of them, the blurbs were so promising, not that that is a guarantee of satisfaction. The settings were India, Pakistan and Europe.

General: Tomorrow is a new day. Roll on the dual editing experiment.


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