on the writing & reading trail

Days 96- 100 (August 17-21)

Editing: Slowly getting through a few more awkward chapters. Previous editing changes have a flow-on effect that has led to a substantial rethink, not of content but of presentation. Dialogue has been compressed. Not sure how the many repetitions escaped previous scrutiny. Have also found numerous paragraphs which are improved by bringing the final sentence forward to the beginning – an unfortunate and recurring tendency I’ve noted. Have highlighted many segments for further work this time round.

Tomorrow’s tasks

The end is night though, for this edit – only six chapters remaining. Then I’ll take a break and go through it all again to check whether the changes have worked and how much more fine-tuning is needed. Am more or less satisfied that no extensive alterations are required. Hoping the next sweep through won’t change my mind.

Hoping to move on to Book Three (probably to be titled Future hope) by the middle of September.

Reading: Ran out of time to finish Anna Funder’s award winning novel All that I am. It is in demand and the library wants it back – no extensions possible. Because I was reading it in short stints I couldn’t seem to relate strongly to any of the characters. Probably a book that is better approached when there is continuity of time. I will request it again.

Am just about finished The chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, a dark tale by Thomas Keneally. Not enjoyable but of interest and I’m supposing with many true insights into the experience of a proportion of Aborigines of mixed descent when subjected to continual discrimination. Some wonderful poetic passages around environment and flora.

I’m also still dipping into Wanted women: faith, lies and the war on terror: the lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui and Emma’s war, both by Deborah Scroggins

Recreation: Friday’s coffee catch-up with friends was a delight as usual. So was Sunday’s walk in the park. Still didn’t find my bird friend (pictured). A beautiful afternoon with need for alertness to dodge the many cyclists enjoying the afternoon.

Elusive bird

Tomorrow is a visit to the Prado Exhibition at the Art Gallery and a birthday lunch for one of my sisters. Looking forward to that. Wonderful sky as I waited for a bus.



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