on the writing & reading trail

Editing priority change

Day 103 (August 23)

Editing: Decided to change the priority for a couple of days as energy levels are low – maybe the result of a day in the city with all the flu bugs around and lots of coughing in the bus on the way home yesterday evening. Everything feels lighter near home with a wildlife corridor running metres away from our house. Feeling like a dose of new creativity, so will focus on writing. There are a few competitions coming up.

Writing: Poetry is not my forte and nor is cricket for that matter but I’ve decided to have a bash – up to 150 words. An unlikely challenge but will certainly take me beyond usual comfort zone. Won’t tell my husband who is not quite a cricket fanatic but used to be close, just yet. I once did the unpardonable when I started to read a book at a cricket match because from our distant seats I was unable to see the ball and had no idea how it was going. Backyard games or small ovals like Canberra were more my scene.

There are also a couple of stories to tidy up that fit the word limits and if there’s time I might even try a short non-fiction stint. Could be a refreshing change from editing – maybe a week.


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