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Days 115-117 (September 4-6)

Editing: Am working on Book Two in the mornings (current edit almost done, at least one more to go) and Book One in the afternoons (hopefully the last sweep). At the moment I’m still too close to the second story to see it objectively, but was a bit shocked in my revisit of Book One to find more than the occasional stilted passage surviving.

In both parts of the day there is much chopping and compacting along with loosening up. I hope the need for significant changes will tail off soon.

Tech question: I’ve been hankering after an iPad for a while but feel unable to justify the expenditure with a trusty laptop that travels with me for everyday use and a trouble-free PC at home. When a For DUMMIES book on iPad 2 jumped out from the library display table I couldn’t resist the chance to explore what it can do. So who knows where that could end? I’ve seen some writer colleagues toting a compact package with iPad, external keyboard and other bits and pieces working very effectively. Maybe the versatility, light weight and therefore easier portability will win me over.

Critiquing: Tomorrow’s meeting of ourWriters Group promises to be interesting. Most members continue to submit work each month. As always it is a joy to see new work or chapters that have been reworked, shining in different ways. This month I was so excited by a YA story that seems to have taken off – very talented writing. I can see it being snapped up when completed.

I’ve had online feedback already for my chapter, and look forward to tomorrow’s discussion of the comments. I had intended to wait for all suggestions before making changes, but related so strongly to one view that I have already done a big rewrite of one section with more to do in other parts of the story so that one of Freya’s character flaws can be more clearly understood. Very clear in my head but hadn’t come through to the page.

It will also be good to hear opinions about the experiences of several members who are participating in ongoing workshops sponsored by the Queensland Writers Centre.

Anthology: The number of views is climbing. Hopefully readers will enjoy the results of our fun experience. It’s free on Smashwords. Title is Ten Minute Tales by the Victoria Point Writers Group.

Queensland Writers Festival: There are so many interesting workshops and panelson offer it has been hard to choose. I plan to flit between a number all day on Saturday.


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