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Slack week

November 18

It’s been more than a week since I was here and I don’t know how the days passed so quickly as there doesn’t seem to be much to show. Routine health checks with travel time etc. swallow up time so that is part of it. Also made a couple of research visits to computer stores to decide on a lighter and more easily portable computer set-up – reason: struggling into backpack straps caused shoulder problem. Found something I really like but haven’t set it up yet as advice needed. That will be tomorrow’s priority.

However a little work did get done, but I missed the usual continuity and flow of whole days.

Writing: Completed one of my draft short stories with a twist. The plot is there, and there is more than one twist. I’m up to word count but can maybe incorporate more characterisation. Maybe not. Can’t decide on title between Cruel fate or Beyond belief. Will keep much as is meantime, but the plot would lend itself to a longer story. In the future. Am looking forward to group critique before we publish.

Critiquing: I had some remaining critiquing due for a couple of Writers Group members on material that does not fit within our monthly meeting tasks. One is a very moving mother’s story about her daughter with a disability.

Finished reading an evocative short travel memoir for a member of another group with which I have a very loose attachment. The wonderful photographs made for nostalgic memories of my own too-short time in Venice long ago. I want to go again – but not right now when the magical city is having its regular over-flooding time.

Other things: Received an exhilarated email from a friend just returned from her trip to the eclipse and the wonderful photos she took via telescope. A spiritual experience for her in good company and with superb arrangements by the organiser for great viewing.

Hoping for a more productive week even though there is another routine health check that will rule out productive work because of timing in the middle of the day.


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