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3 January 2013

A new year full of promise. It truly feels like that. We brought it in by watching the 2012 Golden Jubilee Edinburgh Tattoo followed by the Last Night of the Proms. It was a comforting farewell to the year that’s past.

Then it was time to spend a few minutes glancing at the spectacular fireworks displays around the nation and beyond. Of course sensational to watch but I always have an uncomfortable feeling that the cost might be better spent. There are sure to be arguments that find helpful outcomes from the displays but I won’t spend energy pursuing them.

Today I set up three new directions. Timely for the start of a year but they’d been on the agenda for a while and this was the right time. I ordered a block of ISBNs (have hopes for three self-published e-books or more before 2014), enrolled as a member of a national writing organisation, and started a writing-related course (marketing emphasis). These all fit well with the commission of three book covers for the family saga – I look forward to seeing drafts before the end of the month.

It all feels exciting.

Also exciting was news of acceptance of a writer friend’s novel by an e-publisher. It will probably be out there around May. Congratulations to Nene. Can’t wait to hear about her next steps. And I know there is another novel on the blocks.

Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy and productive year in 2013.


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