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Wonderful gesture

Stella Prize

Have a look at the wonderful gesture by Stella Prizewinner – so generous. Carrie Tiffany was announced on Tuesday night as the winner of the first Stella Prize, for her book Mateship with Birds.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/stella-winning-author-shares-prize-money/story-e6frfku9-1226622056717#ixzz2QhPVVC1M

I haven’t read her book yet but will put it on the ‘to-read’ list straight away. I enjoyed watching her on TV this morning.

And such a coincidence – yesterday as I was returning home I was captivated by the bird feeding on a shrub in our front yard. I couldn’t get close but managed to snap the incident. With all the sun, rain, sun, rain and warmth just lately you would think it is spring, not autumn – everything is so lush. Wondering if there is a hard winter ahead – not that we Queenslanders really know much about hard winters.

Feeding delight

Feeding delight


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