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For anyone who hasn’t found Library Thing yet I recommend you to have a look. It is a great resource for me in various ways – will maybe post about that another day.

I’ve been short on blogs of late but hope to become regular again soon. I’ve a few book reviews to post – here is one. You can find Jimmy’s girl on Amazon and reviews by others as well.

Jimmy’s Girl

By Stephanie Gertler


ISBN: 978-0988472570

Publication date: July 2013

I received this book free as an advance copy through Library Thing.

This story uncovers the vulnerabilities of youth, first love, the pain of separation and the potency of family ties. Although circumstances move the lives of young Jimmy and Emily in different directions their memories of each other remain strong.

Jimmy is scarred by his time in Vietnam as a Marine. On his return he marries and they later adopt a daughter. Meantime Emily has married and her life is tied up with children, domesticity and her art.

The story is interesting and represents the real experiences and choices of many couples who meet up again in later life. Whilst I found the writing style distracting, with long narrative sections and occasional instances of having to backtrack to clarify whose point of view it was, I believe many will enjoy the authenticity of family situations and resolutions. A good read.  (3 stars)


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