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Latest novel – Future Hope

Latest novel – Future Hope

Future Hope

Future Hope

Future Hope is Winfreda Donald’s third novel in The Long Shadows Series. The story continues to trace the separate lives of Freya and Alexander. Once more their paths cross in unusual circumstances – this time in Kruger National Park. They resolve to clear up the mysterious events that led to their parting some seventeen years previously – after Freya completes her humanitarian aid mission in southern Sudan. Will their lives change as the clock tips over on New Year’s Eve 1999 into the current century?

Future Hope is currently available as an e-book from major online booksellers and will be published in paperback format at the end of February.





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  1. I waited eagerly for “Future Hope”, having read the first two novels in the series, and I have now red this latest one. Winfreda Donald has written another great winner here, full of love, pain and an eventual ending which left me wanting to read more. The time spent in Africa on humanitarian work is stark and another eye opener for the rest of us who are living in comfort and safety here in Australia. A wonderful heroine who truly deserves happiness. I loved every bit of it. Sara

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