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Now joy of joys: retirement and the freedom to meld fiction writing with a lifetime’s experience; no picky constraints from legal interpretation or graceless facts. Laurie’s husband reckoned she would never get past ‘bureaucratic think’, her son is mildly bemused. Readers must be the judge.

With a small collection of short stories and the draft of a family saga to edit (three volumes with a possible fourth), the writing future promises fun challenges. Next step publication?

Laurie dreamed of life as a writer, fuelled by enthusiastic applause for her first drama at age seven. Fiction was the thing.

But life had other ideas.

Writing – yes – non-stop; but the mundane kind dominated, through many over-the-top family, study and work years.

It started with personal letters and cards from distant places, about moves and work and rites of passage.

Then continued as an academic slog, from assignments to post-graduate theses.

Became professional; from nursing notes, lesson plans, operational research documents from proposal to outcome evaluation reports.

All interspersed with clutches of bureaucratic writing, within national, state and local authorities in three countries: the gamut, from ministerial speech notes to writing government policies at national and state levels.


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  1. Absolutely adore your edit diary. I have one of my own but not for my site. Brilliant!

    • Thank you Lee. It has been a good way to focus as the editing progressed. I trust your own is serving the same purpose. How far along is your work? Apology for being late to respond – haven’t been here much lately.

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