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Edit diary and author talk

November 1

Editing: That feels like a long-ago activity. Much else has invaded the agenda in recent days. Hopefully I’ll get back to that task by the middle of next week – ready to start on another sweep of Book Three, working title Future hope.

I did finish working on Book One (Past imperfect) and am seriously considering an approach to an agent to gauge interest. If that comes up negative I think it will be a move to e-publishing, possibly in mid to late January after all the well-known authors on the Christmas lists may be out of the limelight. There are pros and cons for either outcome. I leave it to Fate.

A publication: Thinking of Fate, I wrote last week of the opportunity to present our Ten Minute Tales anthology to a local audience in the Redlands (that is the Redlands in SE Queensland) which we did today. We were delighted when offered a half-hour slot because the advertised author could not meet the planned start time because whoever set up the event was unaware that Queensland does not have daylight saving. We would never have attracted so many listeners ourselves.

Four of the anthology’s seven authors took the floor. We were well received and had quite a few positive comments. See some photos from our rehearsal yesterday. Sarah was our helpful interviewer for a Question and Answer session. That exercise stood us in good stead for today.

Easiest way to find Ten Minute Tales is by Googling Ten Minute Tales anthology.

Sarah, Nene, Marci

So we were curtain-raisers for Peter Fitzsimons who was promoting his latest book Eureka which brings to life an influential part of Australia’s early history. Peter arrived in his trademark red bandanna. What a performer he is. The audience was carried away, acknowledging him as an historian, a talented writer, and a passionate and humorous presenter.  A look at the internet will tell of his many other books, about sporting personalities, politicians, and important events in the country’s war history.

The sales for Eureka were good and the signing line was long and slow, but friendly – fostering community spirit.

We are proud of our local libraries in the Redlands and the way they support local writers and would-be writers as well as the readers.

Writers Group: This week has been critiquing time. We look forward to our meeting tomorrow when we share our responses to the work submitted. The writing skills of all have developed well over our few years together, and we have matured as a group to feel exactly right for the tasks ahead. The email responses received on my chapter today raise much food for thought and point to a hazard for saga writers that I will need to think about quite deeply. Wonderful to have a group so willing to be constructive in a supportive way.

Laurie, Marci, Sara

The jacarandas were looking good today.

A favourite sight

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