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Edit diary (26 March)

Day 34 (March 26)

Goals for today:

1) Focus on early Part One of the first book of a series (three in draft, the fourth incubating). Aim to complete changes to flagged areas in one chapter, towards readiness for submitting by the end of this week, to writer friends who have offered to critique changes. I’ve incorporated almost all their suggestions. This task has been complicated because of major alteration to the structure (and limited changes to content) of the story and the reconstruction of flashbacks to fit linearly.

2) Continue brainstorming ideas for stories for three competitions – up to: 600 words, 1500 words, 3000 words.

For me brainstorming is an informal method of generating ideas by free association. I often use this technique alone nowadays, but used to find it useful as a group technique when I facilitated management development modules.


Goal 1) On track. Changed several scenes to: simplify, by excluding names for two incidental characters, and to: expand two incidents that sow the seeds for the authenticity of later actions by Freya’s grandmother even though they would seem incomprehensible to most people.

Still only fourteen, Freya starts to understand how her mother struggles to deal with Gramma’s idiosyncrasies. For herself, she is on the verge of planting memories that will translate later to articulating what she sees as manipulative behaviour.

Goal 2) Lots of ideas for short stories emerged. Fodder for many tales. Will I live long enough to tell the half of them? Haven’t settled any approaches yet, but want to decide quickly to avoid loss of momentum for the major task of editing the novel drafts. Got so enthused with the brainstorm stuff I almost missed the bus. No time to enjoy the ambience there today – interesting themes in the artistry.

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