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Edit diary – still last chapter

Day 54 (April 20)

Spent the morning still with the last chapter and the last few paragraphs. Because it is now the end of Book One without immediate follow-on to the rest of the story, the changes are not right yet. Ideas are incubating but haven’t quite surfaced. I will get there. Played truant in the afternoon and I think I’ll do the same this weekend as I’m feeling a trifle stale. And there are all those lovely books on the shelf to delve into.

I finished Bel Canto which ended exactly how it needed to. A magnificent book.

My next is by Michael Collins, the keepers of truth. Only pages in, I’m hooked already. Sadly, it’s another challenge to my poor eyes because of small print. Ah well! I know it will be worth the effort.

E-readers are a boon for older folk because of font size changes.

Till next week.

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