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Edit diary and friend’s book launch

October 18

Editing: Work in the last two days has felt productive – I’ve been flying through the chapters and today reached Chapter 30, the half-way point for Past imperfect, the first of the three books so far drafted (the fourth is incubating). Quite a few changes made – mainly to sentences that were easily compacted (unnecessary phrases), and turning sentences or paragraphs around (so often the meaning is clearer if the last becomes first). I sometimes wonder what that means about my thinking process. Today I finished at a juncture where the future expectations of Freya the protagonist are in jeopardy. It will be a long time before she learns why (and she will never know the whole story, but the readers will know more of it.)

Reading: What remains by Denise Leith has captured me, and what is surprising is that a chunk of that story provides fodder for my minor fictional war correspondent character who reported around the action in Sarajevo and beyond. Thank you Denise – you made it terrifyingly real.

Book launch: As always my friend Pat Noad’s book launches are a treat. I hadn’t realised the count is up to twelve – this includes seven anthologies produced by Crime Writers Queensland as well as her own five, the latest launched tonight, entitled Unearthed. The tantalising snippets about the world-famous dinosaur digs in outback Queensland promise an interesting read. See the cover picture and a pre-launch group enjoying some networking. Details of Pat’s books can be found on her website at http://www.bypatnoad.com.au

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