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Edit diary update Plus

Days 66 – 75 (May 2-11)

After today: Sometime next week I’ll delve into the next editing sweep of Book Two. No firm title yet but possibly Present tense. Will start counting down the days again from Monday

Today: Wonderful chat over coffee with a writer friend. We’ve both finished editing of novels and have set them aside for now. Short stories are in sights for both of us. While driving to meet her I had a workable idea for a short story that I feel committed to and I think there is time to write and shape it before the submission date.

Recent days: Fiddling with short stories. Completed one and half finished another. They are just OK, probably not worth submitting. I might try to rework one of them; the other will probably fit as a longer story or as part of a novel.

Reading: Raced through a couple of ordinary novels. Large print was great. Before that I did finish the Collins book the keepers of truth and was pleased I did. Most of it turned out as I predicted but there were two twists I didn’t forsee.

May 2-7: Finished editing Book One and found a title that gelled – came out of nowhere – feels exactly right – Past Imperfect; it resonates on several levels for more than one character. That book is set aside for the moment. Will seek feedback soon.

Reflections from the bridge

Other: Usual long walk in the park last Sunday with another writer friend who is preparing to launch her fifth novel in September.

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