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Nostalgia day

Days 69-71 (July 21-23)

The weekend was cool with sunny days, and disappeared into a haze of minor editing and household matters.

Today, Monday:  A most agreeable day wandering around the State Library and Art Gallery areas of Brisbane. There have been massive changes since my teens. Although I find modern Brisbane an attractive and friendly city there is a fair bit of nostalgia for the ‘old days’. Some of the newer buildings are appealing in themselves but I do find the mix of old and new unsightly – too many different styles without a unifying pattern.

I remember the old Treasury Building with much affection. One day after returning from a boat trip to Moreton Island, a group of us, tired and full of sun, sprawled on the footpath leaning against the warm stone as the evening temperature fell, comforted by the retained heat as we waited for transport home. That it is now a casino sits ill with me although I understand it is good for the city economy. But what about the impact of gambling addiction for so many? I’ve included a few photographs.

I didn’t have time to visit the Art Gallery but look forward to doing that soon to see the new exhibition.

Excitement ahead

Brisbane’s Eye

After that it was time to catch up with my two sisters. As always a great time for recent news and reminiscing about the past.

Back to serious editing tomorrow.

Treasury Building in foreground

Edit diary (27 March)

Day 35 (March 27)

Goals for today:

Goal 1: Work on later chapters of Part One with a view to finishing the editing of the Part by my provisional deadline of 30 March – 3 days to go.

Progress: I worked on six chapters, from 13 -18, and made many minor changes. I’m happy with the result and believe that initial writing skills improved as the work progressed due to attendance at courses / workshops, along with paying greater attention to the mechanics of writing when reading valued books and most importantly the feedback from Writing Group colleagues.

Scots locations visited were Glasgow where Freya and her friend Kirsty gain experience in different nursing environments, and Galloway and Mallaig for Kirsty’s holiday.

Freya is emotionally affected when caring for an accident victim whose toddler was killed in a drunk-driving accident. In Mackay in Queensland the Dunbar family are preparing for a move to Brisbane. Alexander has enrolled for teacher training and continues his flying activities.

Goal 2: Critique a late submission chapter from one of the Writer’s Group members for Friday’s meeting.

Progress: Done.

Goal 3: Re-read and confirm / adjust comment on novel synopsis by a Writer’s Group member.

Progress: Done. She has done a great job. We all find synopsis writing challenging. Her story is ready for submission to the big wide world of the industry. Good luck.

Goal 4: Attempt to outline one of the intended short stories for competitions.

Progress: Wrote a series of paragraphs, fictionalising incidents relating to two spinster lady neighbours in Bangor County Down many years ago. Somewhere a germ of a story is there, it hasn’t found its way to the light yet.

City transport

Edit diary (March 20)

Day 28 (March 20)

Cool and wet again.

Managed to tidy up one of the problematic early chapters in Part One (at one stage it was Chapter One). The action takes place in Mackay, a large town on the Queensland coast, around one thousand kilometres north of Brisbane.

Sun Times in Mackay, Australia.

Sun Times in Mackay, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The major dissonance was solved by re-jigging the beginning of this chapter to draw attention to the gap of four years since the last action, given that the now preceding chapters were taken forward and into the present to avoid back-story flashbacks included in later chapters. Now I need to be conscious of eliminating repeat content and checking that tenses are consistent with the new structural approach. Two more awkward chapters to deal with and it should be easier after that.

Library was comfortable and quiet for working most of the time today.

Good work environment

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