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Day 16 (May 30)

A mixed day with fingers tapping in every pie. Now that sounds odd but you know what I mean. No time to think of anything more appropriate.

Editing: Slow but useful work. Lots of highlighting to get back to. Maybe tomorrow? Family issues predominate for Freya, but both Scottish and Australian friendships become more important even though she tends to hold her worries to herself.

Anthology: A quick scan. A few minor changes. Handing over on Saturday.

Reading: Keeping on with Patchett and Yeldham stories. Books are set down wherever I was last and I pick up the nearest one whenever there are a few minutes.

Critiquing: Writers Group meeting coming up on Friday so a few chapters to critique. Worked on one today – a fictional recreation of the life of an Australian opera singer – fascinating. Takes me beyond my usual interests. I enjoy critiquing as it helps me to see my own writing more clearly and work on ways to improve the same kinds of issues. Strange, how it is harder to see flaws in one’s own work.

Short story: Have been having trouble getting a couple of short story ideas to work. Yesterday, decided to try a different topic altogether and found a shape for it today – deadline is tomorrow – I might make it. It is very closely based on an actual spooky experience of many years ago. Definitely not a winner, but good to work in another mental space for a while – feels very different from novel writing.

TV program last night: Watched an ABC program about the increasing ‘blackness’ in crime writing. Interesting and instructive but definitely not an  area I’d pursue for reading or writing. Real life can be black enough – why look for more? I hope for a backlash, but not optimistic. I notice some of the latest talent shows are becoming kinder and more constructive. Roll on a continuing pendulum swing in that direction I say.

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