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Good editing day and a great book to read

Days 37-38 (June 20-21)

Re family and friendship saga – Book Two with working title Present hope

Editing: Yesterday I managed to toil through Chapters 4 and 5 (set in the early 1990s) that explored some of the disconnections between Freya’s and Reg’s work situations, and their attitudes to wealth. Reg is optimistic that they will sort out their differences; Freya is not so sure.

There were a lot of changes to make, mostly of the minor variety regarding sentence structure and placement, and dialogue, but it seemed to take forever to be sure that all grammatical anomalies created by those changes are eliminated. A bit disappointing to realise it is going to take much longer than anticipated to get through this book. I started out with false optimism.

Today the work was mainly on Chapters 6 and 7. A couple of characters really had a go at creating havoc with the storyline – in a good way.

During a road trip to the Sunshine Coast Reg learns a little more about the history of Freya’s family, in particular about the secretive Gramma. Dredging up answers to his questioning confirms to Freya how little she knows about her grandmother in spite of living with and caring for her after a stroke for three years in the 1980s. It brings to the surface again how uncomfortable their family relationships are, in particular hers with Gramma. Freya’s mother is unsure whether her daughter’s claims of happiness hold true.

Chapter 7 moves to Scotland where Alexander’s puzzlement with his wife’s apparent reluctance to visit her parents as regularly as before leads him to question whether their daughter is missing out by not having contact with them, given that her Australian grandparents are so far away.

Same issues as yesterday with the editing. Long haul ahead! Quiet day in the library.

Comfort of knowledge

Reading: Having a hard time leaving Kate Atkinson’s When will there be good news? aside. Felt guilty (not really) when I stretched my lunch-hour reading time. I’m taken with the story (some wildly funny bits among the pathos and nastiness) and also as usual by her writing style and how expertly the plot and character threads start to coalesce. Must recommend this author to one (maybe two) writer friends with an interest in crime stories who may not have discovered Atkinson. The style reminds me a bit of Anne Patchett too – only just had that thought. The following website includes a video of Kate talking with the actor Jason Isaacs who plays private investigator Jackson Brodie in a TV series.


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