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Edit diary: slow progress

Days 118-122 (September 7-10)

September 10: A day for edit and research, mainly grappling with changes to one chapter that has already been done over twice in recent days. Best to set it aside again I think. Also planning for a combined holiday and writing retreat on the Sunshine Coast. Booked accommodation today.

September 9: Editing at home, catching up on news and weekend papers, emails and family phone calls.

September 8: A crowd-packed day at the Queensland Writers Festival in Brisbane. Between sessions people milled around the concourse, bumped through the State Library bookshop or the Festival display of books, queued for author signings, took to the sun outside or the thronged eateries, searched for colleagues who attended different talks and lined up for the next one. So busy, so organised; and spoiled for choice of interesting opportunities. Then the thinned space for an hour until the mass change of venues for the next item on the program. I enjoyed the zingy energy.

September 7: Our monthly critiquing meeting was interesting all round even though there were two unavoidable absentees; one for work reasons, the other because a friend was visiting from far away. In the space of two hours we were entertained in Milan about the opera scene, in London about life enjoyed by the truly upper class, at Yeppoon to a resolving family crisis and in South Sudan to reflections about lost love. It is interesting to contemplate how much of ourselves we reveal when deconstructing our own writing and how much more we learn about our writing colleagues. An absolute delight.

But it feels sad to know that most of the people we walk past with or without a nod or a smile in everyday life must have equally riveting and complex and hidden stories to tell if we but knew it.

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