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Editing and other activities

Days 50-56 (July 3-9)

Cold days continue with rain at times. Conducive to work but I feel as if I’ve been skiving even though a few things got done.

At State Library of Queensland

My thanks to Five Reflections for following my blog. I love the haiku. I’d forgotten about it after being introduced to the form a few years ago. Led me to read up on it again and also found a reference to tanka as well. I would find it a challenge to write but the reading of so many examples was soothing.

Critiquing: Last Friday was Writers Group critique day. A very lively time as one of the stories took us on a visit to a Kama Sutra room in a castle. Our other stories seemed mundane by comparison but there were helpful suggestions all round. One of our members had several stunning sequences on a tropical storm.

Editing: Has been bitty. I was unable to move past the first fifty pages for submission to a manuscript development program. Every time I looked at a sentence or a paragraph or a chapter everything seemed wrong – so many changes – until I decided enough was enough. After all the work is to be considered for development. Today I delivered the pages by hand.


So much for change

A day in Brisbane: After dropping off the pages to the Queensland Writers Centre I visited the Gallery of Modern Art and the main Art Gallery. GOMA was a puzzle – I found very little that I could appreciate, and mostly all that I did like was the Aboriginal art, especially the very colourful dot painting work and several most exquisite tonal bark pictures. I wish I’d thought to photograph a couple of them as reminders. The main gallery is being readied for a major exhibition so there was much work going on.

Reading: Last week I picked up a book from the library Features Stand by the author who is giving this month’s author talk. The title is Blood born, written by Australian author Kathryn Fox, a medical practitioner with an interest in forensic medicine. A very grisly, complex and informative tale. I look forward to hearing about her work and writing two days from now. Thankfully the print size is comfortable though not large-print; always a relief.

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