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Edit diary (18-19 March)

Days 26-27 (March 18-19)

March 19:  Thankfully a cool day with rain and comfortable for thinking. Quick review of the outlines for all six parts of the saga again –  apart from some awkwardness with the new structure for the beginning of Part One, I am satisfied with the flow of the storyline right through.

Still avoiding the issues for those early chapters, but conscious of ‘under-the-radar’ work going on – it will come right – just not quite there yet.

Spent time making changes within a late chapter of Part One, where subterranean evil intent is being worked out, that will have a grave impact on Freya’s hopes and plans. It is late 1983. She expects to finish training and have finals result for her nursing course early the following year. Surely her grandmother will be well enough to travel to Australia by then? Another Glasgow winter looms.

Starting to get cold

March 18: Had another non-edit day. Trusty laptop freaked out yesterday for a while and has been flickering. Suddenly realised it might be reaching the end of its useful life. No shame to it – it’s outlasted two PCs. When realisation hit I dashed out to buy a new USB drive and started to backup all my research files as well as older material and other stories, just in case. Current drafts are usually safe as I back them up at least every few days to at least one /more often three locations for safety. Attended to the most important files and folders. Will continue over next days until all are safe. If computer holds out that long. Trying to decide on best replacement to meet competing demands for portability and tired eyes.

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