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New editing task

Soft air and solitude

Soft air and solitude

New editing task

Today I seriously started editing the third book in The Long Shadows Series – (author Winfreda Donald).

Future Hope begins in Scotland, and it feels like home even though I haven’t lived there for a long time. The early chapters take Freya Prentiss from Edinburgh to Plockton in the northwest with a small side adventure on the way even though she is aching for solitude and an opportunity to come to terms with her recent horrifying experiences during the Sudanese famine.

Writers Group have already critiqued five chapters so I’ll incorporate their suggestions – and in parallel will move forward from Chapter six. I feel I’ve learned so much over the last year and am making a lot of changes – more showing – it’s still a challenge, but I recognise where it is needed now.

I’m on a slight high as Present Tense the second book of the series was launched on Smashwords yesterday. Will submit to Amazon over the weekend. Also, the first book Past Imperfect in both e-book and paperback format has been approved for library distribution locally. Stoked again.

Also working on getting some short stories shaped up for publication. Soon there won’t be enough hours in the days. But seriously I will take a break during the festive season although I expect the mind will churn away regardless.

Publication looming

Publication date for the first novel in the Long shadows series is almost here.

Past imperfect is being delayed because I can’t get the new website in my fiction pen-name of Winfreda Donald to work. I’m persevering and hopefully will have good news before the end of March.

As soon as the Past imperfect is available as an e-book, it will be a delight to move on to editing Present tense, the second volume in the series. All being well it should be published in August or September this year.

As always for me, in the final run-up to completing projects, minor and major complications came from nowhere. It used to happen at work every time a substantial document was due – a formatting foul-up, computer system down, copier not working, oversight committee wanted to add a late term of reference or some other unexpected happening.

Just to show that the Long shadows stories are not a figment of my imagination, here are the cover pictures that will soon front the stories. 

Book one of series

Book one of series



I’d love to hear from other people.

Did  you have a dream run in the last stages before publication?

What last-minute hassles caused you stress?

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