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Edit diary (22 March)

Day 30 (March 22)

Am all around the shop. Long dental appointment in the morning. At home I had to wait for a phone call and then had  an unexpected visitor so I abandoned the intention of going to the library to work on editing there. Instead I decided to find the next chapter for submission to the Writer’s Group for critique on 30th March. Needs a fair bit of work and a change in mental focus from Parts One and Two that stray between Australia and Scotland.

With the Group I’m well into Part Four for feedback. Freya is in Nairobi on her first R&R break from South Sudan. She has an uplifting experience at a UN function and is surprised when asked to stay on to attend a conference on behalf of her supervisor who can’t get a plane because of militia interference with flight arrangements at the aid camp. The conference is another eye-opener into humanitarian aid realities in other parts of Africa. Made some changes and identified a number of other shortcomings to work on before submitting the chapter. That will be tomorrow’s goal – to get that completed, and move back to Part One issues.

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