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Nostalgia day

Days 69-71 (July 21-23)

The weekend was cool with sunny days, and disappeared into a haze of minor editing and household matters.

Today, Monday:  A most agreeable day wandering around the State Library and Art Gallery areas of Brisbane. There have been massive changes since my teens. Although I find modern Brisbane an attractive and friendly city there is a fair bit of nostalgia for the ‘old days’. Some of the newer buildings are appealing in themselves but I do find the mix of old and new unsightly – too many different styles without a unifying pattern.

I remember the old Treasury Building with much affection. One day after returning from a boat trip to Moreton Island, a group of us, tired and full of sun, sprawled on the footpath leaning against the warm stone as the evening temperature fell, comforted by the retained heat as we waited for transport home. That it is now a casino sits ill with me although I understand it is good for the city economy. But what about the impact of gambling addiction for so many? I’ve included a few photographs.

I didn’t have time to visit the Art Gallery but look forward to doing that soon to see the new exhibition.

Excitement ahead

Brisbane’s Eye

After that it was time to catch up with my two sisters. As always a great time for recent news and reminiscing about the past.

Back to serious editing tomorrow.

Treasury Building in foreground

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