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Edit diary, reading, critiquing, listening and writing

Days 104-108 (August 24-28)

Edit diary: I meant to take a longer break from editing but couldn’t manage it even though most of the work was in the head without a finger to keyboard till yesterday when I experienced a rush of progress with all the highlighted areas in the manuscript, over three chapters. Because it felt so easy I feel confirmed in the highlight-and-return  approach to editing. I just don’t always remember and sometimes try to stay with an awkward passage less productively.

Reading: I continue to delight in Crossing to safety.

Recently I’ve been trying to find a volume that I can relate to, to help me improve and manage this WordPress blog site more effectively, with mixed success. Hopefully the one that turned up on the hold shelf of the library in my name today will be the one I can understand and follow. Am feeling just a bit thick about a few things but the first look is promising.

Critiquing: It’s that time again and the chapters are coming in for critiquing. It is so enjoyable to follow the stories of colleagues  through even though in short instalments.

I’ve already had useful and thought-provoking comments on my own chapter – caused real pause for thought about how to clarify the personality issues behind a major flaw of the protagonist. So clear in my head but hasn’t managed to translate sufficiently to the page. She does eventually overcome the problem but there will be much water under the bridge before that.

Listening: Today’s lunch-time author talk was most enjoyable – by Tasmanian author Stephen Dandos-Collins about his new book Mistaken identity: the trials of Joe Windred. We were taken through the wonderful research journey undertaken by himself and his wife to uncover a true story that people would scoff at if promoted as fiction. As an audience we know many of the twists and turns in the story but the final one was left as enticement to unfold that mystery. I have requested the book already and am fourth on the list.

Writing: Today I posted off a short story for a competition; almost a memoir but with enough fictional padding to deny that label. I did a quick audit of my short stories to realise that family is the basis for all but one of them. That fits with the family saga aspect of my three novels. As the oldest of seven I suppose it should be no surprise.

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