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Editing, reading, this and that

Days 57-65 (July 10-17)

Today, July 17, the library was very quiet. It’s like that most Tuesdays. Returned to editing yesterday after days of doing this and that. Nothing new to report; same issues arising as before. Just a slog, with some satisfaction at moving along, however slowly.

Quiet here today

For a few days there was no writing, no editing. Had fun surfing the net looking for ebook cover designers. There are lots of them – fees differ remarkably. Unsure if they reflect differences in quality of images. Found a couple whose designs I really liked – closest one is in New Zealand. When I’m ready I’ll contact her.

Read another Anna McPartlin book So what if I’m broken – again located in Dublin, about a dysfunctional family and how they individually, and often together, found their way through a gamut of experiences with life’s darker issues – wonderfully and sympathetically written. See http://annamcpartlin.com/ or http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Anna-McPartlin/44893203/interview_with_id/746 for more information.

July 12: I do not miss the tensions that always went along with this day during my seven years in Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s, and around Glasgow before that.

Instead I enjoyed a wonderful morning coffee catch-up with two writer friends. Turned out we all feel just a little stale – maybe the weather, although the three of us have a preference for these cooler days.  Our lively chat left me feeling fresher and more motivated. I hope the time together had the same effect for them.

From there I hurried home to cook. One brother and his partner from the far north of Queensland arrived later for several days of talk and reminiscence for us all. Although only two years apart, my brother and I remember such different things and even for the same events our interpretations are often so unlike. Gender differences? Age differences? It was good to have some more women-talk as well. The house felt really empty when they left.

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