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Family saga edit progress

Day 36 (June 19)

Editing: Today was full-on editing. Have been surprised how much change I’ve made to Chapters 2 and 3 which had previously seemed almost done. They feel improved now, as if the motivations for action by the characters will be as clear for readers as I thought they were for me. But there was a surprise in store; the characters went beyond my visions for them. What a lark! The editing becomes more enjoyable by the day. Freya is finding the relationship with her mother-in-law puzzling. Where are Ruby’s manipulations heading?

I also worked on a late African chapter in the second part of the book to present for the next critiquing meeting of our Writers Group. Same experience as above; some big changes happened. Only issue perhaps is that the word count is creeping up. Hopefully there will be some compensating reductions somewhere.

Reading: Tony Park’s book The Delta is full of violence – very real – warlike with guns and tanks and rockets and explosions and major destruction all over, with personal and political sabotage as well. Not to my taste, but sadly representative of what is happening throughout parts of Africa and the reason for much of the humanitarian medical aid work of Freya and her MSF colleagues in South Sudan in her late 90s timeframe. Similar violence is happening again now. And Park is uncovering a nasty and unexpected personal twist which may become even nastier I suspect. Tonight will see me finishing the book. I am thankful that in the midst of horrors my story focuses more on the saving side. I am glad I read The Delta now though as I’ll soon be editing my African content. Serendipitous.

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