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New e-book publication

New e-book publication

Great design by Justine Elliott

Great design by Justine Elliott

The second novel in The Long Shadows Series, Present Tense  by Winfreda Donald,  will by available on Smashwords from 16 December. Do take a look at the site, and the extract. I’d love to hear from readers.

You can find it on http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/383413

Freya recently married Reg Prentiss in Scotland, and they arrive in Australia to be met by Reg’s father before a family dinner with the Prentiss’s and Freya’s sister Nessie and her husband Brad.

Below are a several extracts from early chapters:

Freya chided herself. She needed to think forward, not backward – to prepare for meeting her new family. She stopped herself from digging Reg in the ribs. How little she knew; but a loaded sleeping plane wasn’t the place to garner the Prentiss family history. And he knew zilch about her family.


Freya struggled to keep track of the father-son conversation, almost overcome by nostalgia at the whiff of the subtropics that laced through exhaust fumes and the noise of revving buses, taxis and cars. With a deep sigh she drank in the dry warm air and the vastness of a totally blue sky. The special Australian light she’d missed embraced her. She was home.


When the car stopped briefly for the ironwork security gates to slide apart, it took a few seconds for Freya to realise they were at Reg’s family home. He’d said they had a big place, but she was unprepared for the obvious affluence. The car purred along the winding drive with its honour guard of conical dark green pines, to circle a mini-roundabout, spectacular with a profusion of purple and white agapanthus surrounding a stand of frangipani, luxuriant with creamy blossom.


Nessie was the centre of attention, lovelier than ever in silver-grey silk with a faint turquoise feather pattern that set off her dark hair and olive complexion. Muzzy-headed, Freya loosened up, observed, and was able to withdraw unobtrusively. The three men paid homage to Ness with flattering remarks and repeated glances. Ruby seemed mesmerised. While supposing Ness was used to the ritual, Freya’s keen eye detected the tension around her sister’s jaw and speculated that she and Brad were about to embark or were already on, the IVF merry-go-round. Her heart clenched for them. Two of her Scots colleagues had found the process daunting and they’d been insiders with nursing and medical knowledge.

Present Tense will be available in paperback early in 2014.

A happy book day – Past Imperfect

Book one of the Longshadows Series

Book one of the Long Shadows Series

Late yesterday I sent out emails and made phone calls to let friends and family know that Past Imperfect was published on Smashwords and available free for two weeks if they were interested in having a look. More of them than expected did just that, and so many sent lovely messages of congratulations and support, and a few were burrowing their way through the story straight away even though it was Easter weekend and most had family get-togethers on the go.

If you’d like to do the same go to  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/301384

I’m so excited. This is the first time I’ve used my pen-name as author. I plan to use Winfreda Donald for all my fiction writing from now on.

And today I also made a start on editing the second book in The Long Shadows SeriesPresent Tense. I sailed through two chapters just after Freya’s arrival in Africa.

Between times I’m re-reading Pearl Buck’s wonderful tale of The Good Earth. I’m still with Wang Lung during the tumultuous times of famine as he takes his family south. I felt immersed in the impact they experienced because of the barren soil of the Chinese countryside and the changed behaviour of their starving neighbours. The city is such an alien world for them and the story so simply and powerfully told. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in stories of change and comparisons between a past world and a present one. Even at fourth or fifth reading the novel is fresh and engaging.

I intend to keep this blog for a while longer but would welcome views of my new website even though it is a little sparse right now. It will expand soon. Find the covers of two other books in The Long Shadows Series by visiting http://www.winfredadonald.com

Tomorrow is critiquing day – to prepare for our Writers Group meeting on Friday. Looking forward to that.


Novel published today – Past Imperfect

Book one of the Longshadows Series

Book one of the Longshadows Series

Past Imperfect, by Winfreda Donald (my fiction pen-name) the first novel in the Long Shadows Series is available from Smashwords. It will be free for two weeks, so if you want to have a look, now is the time. Google Smashwords.com and enter the title Past Imperfect in the search box on the top right.

I hope many of you will find the story engaging, and would appreciate any reviews. Hopefully the plot and sub-plots it will appeal to many readers but I expect they may be more popular with women and young adults who enjoy unfolding stories of families, romance, coming of age, with background secrets interfering in the lives of  the main characters.

Happy reading.

Editing of the second book starts tomorrow – appropriate for the first of the  month.

Edit progress – Present hope

Day 10 (May 24)

The day was shared between editing and anthology preparations and the inevitable reading.

Editing: Continues to be problematic. The timing changes required are turning out to be significant, spanning as they do important family times such as Christmas and New Year amidst a time of personal turmoil for Freya as she grapples with difficult choices about the future. How does she maintain private and public composure without compromising loyalty? Managed to flag where important text changes are needed and where Book One background is required. Will let my thinking incubate over following days. Probably won’t get to make those changes till next week.

Anthology: Decisions are needed for tomorrow’s meeting of the Writer’s Group. There is still much for me to learn about Smashwords formatting, but I made some progress. It is handover time for final vetting of content by all authors, then the format effort by our willing volunteer, before we are ready for the big step to submission. Adding photos was fun and partly successful – photos in, but unable to manipulate for consistent sizing from a number of different sources.

Reading: Started another Ann Patchett novel entitled Taft. Captivated already – so different from the others I’ve read. If only the print wasn’t so small.

Also a fair bit of extra family stuff – locally driving around, and interstate and international phone calls.

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