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Editing and reading

Day 61 (April 27)

Editing:  Going well. Almost done with the latest sweep of Part One of Book One. Tomorrow I move on to Part Two. Still trying to settle on titles for parts and books.

Reading:  Weekends seem to come round very quickly. That’s when major reading happens. I’m more than half-way half-way through the keepers of truth, and found the source of the title. Won’t spoil it for anyone – but what an impressive character duo. I love the scene where the meaning becomes obvious.

I’m also planning to revisit The Loop by  Nicholas Evans for some light relief – great yarn about the tensions between the protectors and hunters of wolves.

The other book I want to revisit, but with serious intent is An imperfect offering by James Orbinski. In the not so distant future I expect to start editing the second book of the family and friendship saga series I am working on, and want to be in tune with the awful realities of humanitarian aid work. Orbinski’s book among several others, is so compelling about the work of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and will I hope, help me to bring some authenticity to my own writing. In my Book Two, Freya, after experiencing disappointments and sadness in Australia, sets off as a volunteer with MSF to work in South Sudan.

For anyone who is interested in what happens to the ordinary people (many of whom become extraordinary) in a country during devastating climatic conditions combined with the upheavals and politics of war, I recommend any of the participating country sites for MSF. The one I most regularly follow is www.msf.org.au for contemporary issues. Many such issues are mirrored in what happened in the time-frame of my story, set in the late 1990s. Orbinski’s writing itself is easy and flowing. My difficulty is with the impact of the stories and the need to read in increments to take in the horrors. This is real life, and I guess that is why I can’t read manufactured horror stories.

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