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Edit diary – getting there & Anthology progress

Day 52 (April 18)

Saga editing: Worked three chapters that have had a fair bit of attention before, as a result of Writer’s Group input and my own additional changes, but still found a lot to improve on.

Raises a couple of interesting questions: When will I be satisfied? And then what happens when more expert opinion than our Group garners, provides feedback? It could go on forever even for Book One, and there are two more books to go through the process, and there are two other novels itching to be written, and my mind keeps straying towards them as well as some short stories between times.

However, I enjoyed today’s delving. In Glasgow, Alexander married Catriona and she was soon pregnant. That chapter needed some expansion to explain Catriona’s reluctance to involve her family initially. Alexander’s parents in Melbourne are trying to encourage an early trip to Australia to meet the new family member and are happy he has recovered from the unhappiness over Freya.

In need of change

In another chapter: Meantime Freya picks up her sister from Edinburgh Airport. Ness is seeking advice and solace from Freya about her slowness in starting a family. On an overnight hiking trip along the coast south of the city, from St Abbs to Eyemouth, the sisters pool information and memories that fill in a few of the gaps in their family history, even as they accept much is unlikely ever to be uncovered.

Although I’d already acted on substantial feedback from Group colleagues, I made many more changes, some quite significant. At this time Freya believes she will remain single and childless.

For attention tomorrow

Anthology: Also managed to compile more of the stories for our proposed e-anthology of Ten Minute Tales. Looks like I culled my email inbox a bit too soon as I don’t seem to have copies of all the submissions. In the meantime I took a unilateral decision to format the ones I have into Times New Roman font and to develop a draft presentation layout for comment; at least there’ll be a starting point for change suggestions. Will check USB tonight to see if I can find a few of the missing ones. Attendance at our May meeting will be a little thin as a couple of members are away; one for sad compassionate circumstances, another for a joyous family occasion. Life is like that. And who knows what might happen in between?


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