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Edit diary – last chapter

Day 53 (April 19)

Saga editing: It’s true. I am on the last chapter of Part Two with only a few paragraphs to visit. I made lots of small changes today and flagged areas that need more substantial work.

It feels good to be close to done, but if I scroll back there are many yellow and grey highlights to show where the new words and ideas will fit. In general I’ve noted what is needed. And there is one whole scene I’ve avoided because it needs me to be truly focussed when I revisit research undertaken some months ago; about the interaction between flight instructor and student when there are problems with stalls. Jenny is having a bad day but Alexander is patient. There is a lot to be found on the internet but what I think I need seems to be spread over a number of sites.

When I get it done it will need an expert eye to make sure I’ve not made a mess of it.

Anthology: I found some of the misplaced stories and discovered I must have deleted a few early ones before the anthology idea morphed into something practical. No doubt the writers will have the originals.

In summary, a very satisfactory day. Will feel justified to spend the evening reading – sadly almost done with Bel Canto. I will miss all those wonderful errant characters. Maybe that’s not quite true as I think they will stay with me for quite a while.

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