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Edit diary 29 February

Changes afoot

Days 8 to 13 (24 – 29 February 2012)

During days 8 to 11, various interruptions created diversions from the editing task, the main one being a spate of critiquing – for our Writer’s Group routine monthly meeting, along with last-minute requests for comments on short story submissions for a Stringy Bark competition, about to close.

However, yesterday and today (days 12 & 13) were productive. I got back to the first chapters of the restructured Part One of  Always . . .? Wrote several new short scenes, imported scenes from later chapters, expanded some spots, reduced others, and changed the order of presentation in a few places. On first re-scan I think it is will work. Will set aside for later tidy up. I’ve well learned the lesson of making time space before reworking.

Reflection: It’s interesting how story structures evolve. Much of the above rejigging has arisen because of a long-ago decisions about starting points. Each starting point needed backstory through flashbacks. At last have found a linear pattern to reduce that need. Experimentation is the name of the game for me. I envy those who get the structure right first time, but then my characters wouldn’t have had such fun finding their way.

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